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MARIAH ft. CAMEO | Loverboy


Amy Winehouse - Me and Mr Jones

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July 25, 2014 at 08:44PM

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Words of wisdom by Dr. Seuss || #whoville


I hate you!

🏆 @MarqueeLV is the “BEST NIGHTLIFE TRIPLEHEADER” according to the Las Vegas Weeklys’ #BestofVegas 2014! 🏆 But you already knew that, right?! 😏 Email me at laurenk@marqueelasvegas.com to experience the craziness first hand!! || #marqueedayclub #marqueenightclub #marqueelv

Anonymous said: knowing where you work, can you give me your honest pro / con comparison of marque vs hakkasan? also, if i'm coming into lv with 2 or 3 peeps, is that too few for vip table service?

They are different atmospheres, I think.  Both can be fun and a lot about what you’ll think of each place will depend on who is DJ’ing the night you go, and what kind of music you like.  I had worked at Hakkasan before attending as a guest, so I think that skews my perspective.  Before I lived in Vegas, Marquee was one of my favorite clubs and was part of the reason I wanted to cocktail in Vegas.  There isn’t really a pro/con list that I can type up for you… I just personally prefer the “warmth” and energy of Marquee as opposed to the cavernous feel of Hakkasan.  No way, I serve smaller parties all the time.  The only difference between having a party of 3 and a party of 5 is that you’ll each be paying a higher amount if you split the bill, and you might end up with more alcohol than you can drink.  But I have faith in you.  You can email me at laurenk@marqueelasvegas.com for reservations if you’d like~