I luh you luh you luh you papi

Orpheus and Eurydice (1864), Frederic Leighton / I Luh Yah Papi, Jennifer Lopez ft. French Montana


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Thank you @kissthisbeard for literally dealing with my dreadlock whiny geeky ass ❤️✌️

🌎🌊Happy #EarthDay from the desert, but home is where the heart is. #MakahaBeach by @overvnder ❤️

Anonymous asked: did you get a boob job?

How are you guys not tired of asking me this?  

No, still real.

Anonymous asked: Are there ever guys that act douchy towards you when you work, like customers? Or is it all chill.

I never want to put down my customers… alcohol sometimes changes a person, or maybe they lost 20k gambling at the casino before coming to the club, or maybe their girlfriend just picked a fight with them, or maybe they’re foreign and in their culture someone who does my job isn’t usually treated well… but whatever it is, I definitely have some “douchy” customers although I never try to take it personally.  The chill customers usually outweigh the not so chill customers, so I can live with it.