Anonymous asked: did you get a boob job?

How are you guys not tired of asking me this?  

No, still real.

Anonymous asked: Are there ever guys that act douchy towards you when you work, like customers? Or is it all chill.

I never want to put down my customers… alcohol sometimes changes a person, or maybe they lost 20k gambling at the casino before coming to the club, or maybe their girlfriend just picked a fight with them, or maybe they’re foreign and in their culture someone who does my job isn’t usually treated well… but whatever it is, I definitely have some “douchy” customers although I never try to take it personally.  The chill customers usually outweigh the not so chill customers, so I can live with it.

Anonymous asked: Hey! Do you know of any good sites for banquet dresses? Thank you!

I’ve been on this whole “avoid internet shopping” kick, so I’m not too sure. Are you gearing up for prom?  So fun!  I would check all the usual sites like and so you can find something thats re-wearable too.

Anonymous asked: Looking for a black everyday bag, any suggestions? Preferably something under $200 :)

Hmm… has a pretty good selection of inexpensive simple black bags, and classy looking black fake leather.  I would check there, or even go to the mall and try in Aldo sometimes they have decent versions of designer bags.  Wish I could help you more, sorry!

Anonymous asked: What pre workout supplements do you use?

Why couldn’t you just ask me on twitter when you saw it instead of hiding on anonymous?  I would’ve answered you if you didn’t feel it necessary to do that :/

Anonymous asked: What kind of fake eyelashes do you wear?

Ardell “Wispies” and “Demi Wispies,” as well as Red Cherry lashes style #43.  For a more dramatic night look, I usually layer two together.

Anonymous asked: Hiya stranger! Since you're from Oahu I was wondering if island fever is real (like cabin fever). Have a great night.

Hello literal stranger!  I think that “Island Fever” is a bit more common if you move to the islands as an adult/young adult, if you are with the military for example or maybe you moved for a significant other or a job.  If you grow up in Hawaii I think you’re more accustomed to the pace and overall island vibe.

It’s 100% true though, the antsy feeling I would get if I didn’t vacation frequently enough.  It’s undoubtedly the best place to come home to, but you need little escapes.  All it would take for me is a quickie getaway to cure my “fever.”

Anonymous asked: I know you know this but I just want to tell you that YOU are absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you stranger I appreciate you :)

Anonymous asked: LOL to that question about bottle servers in Hawaii! 😂 you're lucky you're blessed with the assets you've got! 😜 please don't ever get fake boobs!

You can eat your way to having nice cleavage too! Lol it’s the *only* semi positive factor of weight gain.

Anonymous asked: you are sooooo pretty! please don't get a boob job or anything like that, you're perfect the way you are! now a question: other than hawaii and vegas, what are your favorite places in the world?

Thank you >.<

Ahh, LA is always nice.  The South of France was probably the best place I’ve been, even though it was years ago.  I really want to travel more this year… Dubai, Miami, maybe Bali and Mexico.

Anonymous asked: So how long do your injections last? And how often do you get them? Are you pleased with your results? I want so bad!!

Google can help you with most of those questions, or you can contact me off anonymous for a private chat about it. Done talking about this publicly~

Anonymous asked: Are the prerequisites of being a bottle server in Hawaii to have fake boobs, be a single mom, and still live at home? I just can't believe the amount of girls with fake boobs there.

LOL Oh god.  You are hilarious!

Although… fake boobs are in eeevvverrryyy city, my friend.

Anonymous asked: Is there any special cream or certain wash or anything that you use on your face? It's really clean of pimples or blemishes from what I see and I want that!

I love to buy skincare products, even though I’m guilty of letting them collect dust on my counter… **here is a list** of what I use, from a similar question not too long ago.  I’ve always been sort of lucky with clear skin (for the most part, even though of course everyone breaks out from time to time) but I still swear by these products.

Anonymous asked: Where is the blue chevron blanket from? Thanks!

Missoni for Target limited edition capsule about… Two years ago?

arbitersanimosity asked: Hey you probably don't remember me, but we went to high school in Hawaii (though that probably does not narrow it down). I'm friends with you on Facebook and I'm pretty sure that's how I found your Tumblr. I followed you a while ago but I never got around to actually sending you a message. The only thing I have to jog your memory is that we took French together, I sat next to you and I played Pokemon in class.

Things that might narrow it down: your name.