Anonymous said: So its 12:51am here on the east coast. I'm still at the office trying to get a presentation out the door. I bet when you're at work at 12:51am, you're having a blast. I need some motivation to get me through to the end of this project ... any words of encouragement?

None come to mind… the only thing I can say is that, if you’re a man, hire a cute little secretary who wears tight pencil skirts and fashionable heels and let that ease your pain.  Eye candy always helps.

Anonymous said: tabloids? but this is tumblr. ok I guess

My point is, it’s against policy. Why do you care so much.

Anonymous said: How tall are you?

Short. 5’3- 5’4 ish

Anonymous said: Sworn to secrecy? Why go out to one of the most popular clubs in Vegas only to want to keep it a secret? Ok...

Why are you giving me attitude about it? Not every celebrity wants their business in tabloids etc, and to respect that is a company policy.

Anonymous said: What celebrities have you met while on the job? And who was the best?

Sworn to secrecy 😉 Most celebrities don’t like their business being spread around so we have to respect that.

I don’t get excited about celebrities very much, but there have def been a few I’ve fan girled over.

atextrack said: Was it rude to ask you about table service via fb messenger...I should've emailed I apologize

Are you Clint? It’s ok I just don’t check Facebook messages regularly

Anonymous said: What champagnes are the top 3 in bottle service?

Seriously with the 20 questions about bottle service. I mean good luck on your interview but you should know this without my help—

Anonymous said: what did you wear to your interviews? what kinds of things did they ask? I have one tomorrow with Hakkasan and am super nervous. sorry for being annon!

Being an anon is kind of obnoxious :/

Anonymous said: How did you get a job working in Vegas? Was the interview process hard, or pretty much got hired because you're awesome and bad?

The Vegas interview process, the “audition” process rather, is insanely retarded and competitive. I was surprised I got hired straight from Hawaii to be honest.

Anonymous said: what made you decide to move to vegas? how did you get a job at marquee??

Spontaneity. I applied, interviewed a million times with every manager, and got it. Open auditions. Recommendations. The hustle. Some luck 😉

Anonymous said: omg you look so great with your hair pulled back

I appreciate that! I usually never do unless time constraints force me to, mostly bc my head is the size of the moon ;P

Anonymous said: My name is Anthony, I don't have an account so it shows up as anonymous. Anyway, I just wanted to say you are a very inspiring person.

Haha, I don’t know about that.. But thank you :)

Anonymous said: TheWeeknd-Often [sb]


vinimack said: i was at marquee last saturday and i saw you! made my night, so gorgeous in person! :)

Thanks :) Should’ve said hi

Anonymous said: Do u have a man