Magic Castle

Disney Castle

Sake bombs in “Japan”, Disneyworld Epcot

Hi, Hedwig

Fresh henna. The deathly hallows (yup that happened)

The room service nachos at Wynn need improvement

Sick soup life 😷

Thank you best friends @sooheec & @chissta for such an amazing trip (& cb for the amazing photo!) !!! ❤️❤️ Back to reality in the morning 😭 #Disneyworld (at Disney’s Magic Kingdom)

Lunch at Moe’s! “Greetings from Springfield USA!” || #krustychickenburgers #krustyland (at Moe’s Bar)

My view isn’t half bad #shesdangerous (at The Georgian Hotel)

☀️🎶”Summer days just sittin around… But when the sun goes down, I’ll be ready to party” || #in4mgirls (at Santa Monica Beach)